Belonging and Understanding

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Our Unique Approach


Our methodology and work is evidence-based and multi disciplinary bringing together research and lived experience from sociology, practical theology, coaching, facilitation, behavioural science, and academic research into what the components are to cultivate a sense of self and identity (for individuals and organisations).


Individual and Corporate Training

Online and in-person live training and conversations (as well as 'go at your own pace' courses) meeting where you are. Everything we do at the Centre aims enable you to experientially feel a deeper sense of belonging and understanding, and support others to do the same. The free 'Amplify Approach' and 'Words Matter' training are created ripples all over the world.

Lived Experience

Lived experience is about documenting and sharing the knowledge, wisdom and insight people gain throughout life. Listening to others enables space for vulnerable conversations, raises awareness of an experience that you might not otherwise know. Leaning into lived experience matters because it resonates with us more than theories, statistics, and 'hard' evidence. 

The Amplify ApproachTM

Meet Our Founding Convenor and Conversation Architect

Saiyyidah Zaidi (pronounced say-ee-dah, meaning female leader) is an experienced coach, facilitator, and supervisor. She is a firm believer that ‘words create worlds’ and that by considering the language of conversations in the DEI space we are able to use connection as the departure point rather than difference. The simplicity of this approach...

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Meet Our  Conversation Mediator

Ian Stone is an accredited civil and commercial mediator. Due to his father’s military career Ian spent most of his formative years growing up abroad, constantly moving home and starting new schools usually in Europe and the Far East where he found himself as part of a minority group either due to language barriers or ethnicity...

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"Diversity is being invited to the party. Inclusion is being asked to dance. Belonging is helping to choose the music. Understanding is knowing that you won’t like all the music… and still staying at the party."

Saiyyidah Zaidi (the first sentence was said by Verna Myers, the second sentence's source is unknown. Saiyyidah added understanding).

Discover Our Ambition

Think About This Podcast 

In this podcast Saiyyidah speaks with Jon Berghoff, founder of Xchange Approach, about her ambition for the community of the Centre for Belonging and Understanding. 

'with Saiyyidah'


Get familiar with the people in Saiyyidah's network. Originally started as a 'pet project' it soon became clear that the 'with Saiyyidah' podcast is an intrinsic part of the Centre. You will find a voice that you can resonate with, and if you don't please contact us so we can correct that! 

"If one person does not belong, we all do not belong."

- Saiyyidah Zaidi 

The Amplify ApproachTM


Our highest hopes for you at the Centre are to enable you to be an advocate for yourself, an ally for others, and an ambassador for the work, all set with a clear ambition. 

We believe that through this approach a deep sense of belonging and understanding is cultivated. Access your free training on the Amplify ApproachTM below.

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'Words Matter'


We believe 'words create worlds.' We have a great deal of respect for the work done in the past in the diversity, equity, and inclusion space that has helped us to get to this unique point in time. And for that we are grateful. It is time for a new conversation. Words matter. Find out more about why the words diversity, equity, and inclusion no longer serve us. Discover the new language of belonging and understanding. 

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"When we make a conscious decision to unlearn what is no longer serving us and learn a new way to support changing our thoughts, actions and behaviour we take accountability for creating a new world. A world where we can live, love, and learn from each other. The Centre's work is making global change. I've personally shared it in at least 3 countries."

- Natalie Alcantara, Chief Inspirer, ION

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