Ruth Mary Allan - with Saiyyidah

Ruth Mary Allan is a Certified High Performance Coach, a Certified Brain Health Coach and a  Certified Havening Techniques Practitioner. She is passionate about helping individuals who have lost connection with who they are, reconnect with their best self so they can effectively lead their family and team to the next level of performance and potential and step into their greatness. 

Ruth has helped people with a wide range of brain health and high performance challenges from senior executives to young children, military and emergency services personnel. Ruth has over 25 years of coaching and mentoring experience, facilitating the recovery and boosting the performance of individuals, projects and teams.

Well Being Warrior Academy - Helps parents and children who have lost connection with their best self unchain their pain, unlock the secrets to greater mental clarity and performance and unleash their potential by optimising their unique brain.

Brendon Burchard - Brendon Burchard is a 3-time New York Times bestselling author, a globally respected high performance coach, and one of the world’s most watched, followed, and quoted personal development trainers with over 10 million followers across his brands.

Amen Clinics - is one of the world leaders in applying brain imaging science

Havening Technique - The Havening Techniques® is a method, which is designed to change the brain to de-traumatize the memory and remove its negative effects from both our psyche and body. As part of its protocol The Havening Techniques uses the sensory input of human touch as a therapeutic tool which we have identified as Havening Touch®

Anthony Trucks - Anthony is a former NFL player turned transformational identity shift coach.

Miscarriage Association - The Miscarriage Association is here to provide support and information to anyone affected by miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy or molar pregnancy.

My Menopause Doctor - Louise Newson is a GP and menopause specialist and holds an Advanced Menopause Specialist certificate with FSRH and the BMS. She is passionate about improving education about the perimenopause and menopause and also improving awareness of safe prescribing of HRT to healthcare professionals. 

RESULTS The Art and Science of Getting it Done, by Saiyyidah Zaidi

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