Nilesh Satguru - with Saiyyidah (Reverse Podcast)

In this reverse podcast Nilesh Satguru takes the lead and speaks with me, Saiyyidah Zaidi, as if I am the guest. The aim of this style of conversation is to open the door to information and discussion that might not be had if I was the one leading the conversation. Nilesh is a guest in a later podcast episode that I urge you to listen to when it is live. He is a medical doctor and  Certified High-Performance Coach with a mission to help inspire a community to “Believe In Growth”.

Nilesh is a director for the British Society of Lifestyle Medicine and sits on the UK’s national sleep steering committee. His approach to medicine and health is worthy of paying attention to. 

This conversation was instigated by a WhatsApp message that Nilesh sent to Saiyyidah ‘off the cuff.’ I don't normally listen to voice messages but it was his text before hand that was kind, appreciative, and curious in tone. 

You’ll love this! 

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