Rachel Druckenmiller - with Saiyyidah

Rachel Druckenmiller says ‘For much of my life, I silenced myself.” She describes herself as an overachiever, the “good girl.” She says ‘I only let people see the put-together version of who I was. When I needed help, I kept quiet because I didn’t want anyone to think I couldn’t handle it or that I was inadequate or incompetent in any way.’ Rachel is a singer who loved to sing and write, but didn’t share my voice publicly because she was afraid of judgment, rejection, or being embarrassed. She silenced so much of her joy for the sake of hustling to get ahead. It’s like she was living her life on mute. Rachel has been recognized as the #1 Health Promotion Professional in the U.S. in 2015, a 40 Under 40 Game Changer by Workforce Magazine in 2019, and one of The Daily Record’s Leading Women of 2020, Rachel is a national thought leader in the field of wellbeing and employee engagement. She has worked with dozens of organizations, including Deloitte, Citizens Bank, Junior Achievement, and the American Heart Association

Rachel Druckenmiller https://unmutedlife.com/

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