Nilesh Satguru - with Saiyyidah

Dr Nilesh Satuguru’s mission is to challenge compassionate change-makers to "Believe In Growth".

After witnessing his late father's illnesses, his son's developmental challenges and resigning from a medical partnership, Nilesh dedicated himself to self-mastery to serve others.

Nilesh is a certified High-Performance coach and Lifestyle Medicine doctor. He has been featured on the front cover of Brainz magazine and was recognized by Disrupt magazine as "10 leading performance coaches to follow."

He became intrigued by coaching after being coached through the NHS leadership academy and first studied health coaching in 2020, then trained with Evercoach and more recently with the High-Performance Institute. 

In 2019, he qualified in occupational medicine, and in 2020 he was certified in Lifestyle Medicine. He is director for the British Society of Lifestyle Medicine and sat on the UK's sleep steering committee.

Nilesh Satguru

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