Dan Diamond - with Saiyyidah

Dr. Dan Diamond is a uniquely qualified leader with over 30 years of international disaster experience

He came back from the trenches of Hurricane Katrina with a burning question: “How is it that some people become unstoppable?” What he discovered drives motivation, increases engagement and empowers corporations from the inside out.

Dr. Dan has a passion for equipping people to perform under pressure. He founded and serves as the Director of the Nation’s first state-affiliated medical disaster response team and he has responded to a variety of international disasters. He responded to the typhoon in the Philippines and he served as the Medical Director for Medical Teams International’s First Response Team to Haiti. Following Hurricane Katrina, he played a strategic role as Director of the Mass Casualty Triage Unit at the New Orleans Convention Center.

He has been interviewed on CNN, Larry King Live and Anderson Cooper. in 2010, the American Red Cross gave him the “Real Hero” award and he also received the Washington State Governor’s Award of Excellence for his work in Haiti. In 2014, Dr. Diamond received the President's Volunteer Service Award from President Obama!

The Diamond family is big on traditions, humour and love.

Dr Dan Diamond

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