Cheri Honeycutt - with Saiyyidah

Cheri Honeycutt describes herself as a question asker,  "but" kicker (spelt with one B)… she sees possibility at every turn.  Cheri believes you can have the life, the team, and the business you really and truly want if and when you live On Purpose!

 Cheri has been a coach, facilitator, speaker and trainer for over 30 years. She has worked with countless people from all walks of life, from individuals looking to get “unstuck” to business leaders and executives. People who know they need to change, and are brave enough to take the first step towards a better life.

Cheri helps people and businesses fight burnout, improve performance, create momentum, and achieve results, transforming their existence from passive to active.

Her coaching framework centers around three Pillars of Purpose:

Purposeful questions

Purposeful conversations

Purposeful actions

Cheri’s process helps you connect deeply to solve problems through a whole-system, collaborative approach that focuses on strengths, expands thinking, breaks through blocks and establishes new routines

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