Nick Hemmert - with Saiyyidah

Nick Hemmert is an innovative, high-impact change professional with Information Technology experience in demanding business environments such as retail, hospitality, and healthcare. A left-brained, systems/analytical thinker with a right brained understanding of emotions and feelings, Nick has a keen ability to navigate seamlessly between disparate worlds and dive deeply into complex business, organization and technology opportunities connecting people to solutions that are profitable, on budget and on time. 

He is the community architect at Xchange where the mission is to unlock the hearts, minds and collective wisdom of teams, organizations and communities, through powerfully designed questions, which create exponential outcomes.

Nick is also the co-founder and chief strategist at The Centre for Awesomeness which helps teams communicate better and get on the same page for a common need so they can accelerate growth. We use facilitation models grounded in Appreciative Inquiry principles to take a closer look at the best of what was, the best of what is and the best of what could be in the business, organization, and community.

He is also a licenced spiritual practitioner. 

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