Michael Horwitz - with Saiyyidah

Dr Michael Horowitz applies his extensive education and training along with 45 years of experience as a former practicing Certified Public Accountant and small business owner with 25 years as a real estate broker which has given him the toolbox of skills and expertise to support his clients and help them grow personally and professionally.

Dr Michael has a diverse background in a variety of industries, and organizations from sole proprietors and multi-national corporations to non-profit and community based organizations. He has delivered programs on a variety of topics in venues ranging from one-on-one coaching to large scale programs with over 1,000 participants in FOCUS, diversity, life/work balance, strategy development and execution, value driven management, leadership styles and behaviours, and many others!

Dr Michael is a ONE Thing Certified Trainer, Keller Williams (one of the world’s largest estate agents) approved trainer, Situational Leadership Educator and Trainer, GMAC Home Services certified trainer, Franklin Covey certified trainer, and Florida licensed real estate broker and real estate instructor!

He is a passionate trainer, knowledgeable educator, engaging facilitator, and challenging coach; who is making a difference in others’ lives by changing paradigms and creating memorable moments.

Dr Michael Horwitz



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